Download songs from YouTube

Start the Music From YouTube program and enter your search query in the YouTube search field. For example: your favorite musician, band, comedian, celebrity, actor or anything else you like. After entering your search query, press the YouTube search button on the right side to search on YouTube.

The results of your search will be shown below the search field. The Music From YouTube program will display blue “Download mp3” buttons next to the small pictures of the video’s in your search results. Find the music, speech, play, concert or show of your liking and press the “Download mp3” button. The download has started! You will also see a message at top of the Music From YouTube program telling you a download has started.

If you first want to listen to the music before you download it, just click on the little picture of the video. The video will open and you can listen to the song, music, speech, play, concert, show or language course. If you decide that you would like to download the mp3 or M4A music file from YouTube, click on the blue “Download mp3” button below the video to start the download.

Now that you have started your download you can check the progress of your download via the tab button “Downloads” on the left side of the Music From YouTube program.

Your video or mp3 download will now be displayed in the list with a green bar showing the progress of the download. When the download is finished downloading, it will automatically disappear from this list.

The Music From YouTube program will automatically store all downloaded files in your “My Music” folder. You can open this folder by clicking on the yellow folder button at the top of the Music From YouTube program.

To download multiple songs, just keep searching and clicking on the blue buttons until you have downloaded all the songs you wanted. You are ready to put the downloaded mp3 or M4A music files on your Ipod!

How to put downloaded songs on Ipod

In order to put the music files on your Ipod you need to download the Itunes program first. This program is available for download at After downloading the Itunes program you start the setup and follow the steps on the installation screen.

Now that you have installed the Itunes program, start it by clicking on the icon on your desktop. When the program has started you will see the Itunes library on the left side of the screen. The songs should be in this library if you want to put on your Ipod. However, the songs you just downloaded from YouTube with the Music From YouTube program are not yet there! To include these songs in your Itunes library, click on “File” in the pulldown menu at the top-right of the Itunes program and choose “add file”. Now click on the my music folder and select a song that you have downloaded with Music From YouTube. Repeat this until you have added all the songs you have downloaded from YouTube.

To transfer the songs you have downloaded with Music From YouTube to your Ipod, make sure that your Ipod is plugged in via the USB-port of your computer. When plug in your Ipod you will notice a new option to add songs from your Itunes library to your Ipod. Click and drag the files you want into the Ipod transfer screen until all the songs are on your Ipod.

Unplug your Ipod and start listening to all the songs you downloaded from YouTube with Music From YouTube for free!

Get started now by downloading Music From YouTube!

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