Downloading Youtube from PSP

Downloading songs from YouTube to your PSP with Music From YouTube

If you have a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP), you probably also use it to play your favorite music. But if you haven’t tried this yet, there’s nothing stopping you from downloading songs from YouTube and putting them on your PSP. In this tutorial you will learn how to download songs with the Music From YouTube program and how to put them on your PSP.

Download songs from YouTube

First you have to download songs from YouTube and we are going to use the Music From YouTube program for this. Let’s get started by opening Music From YouTube and typing your search query in the YouTube search bar. You can enter your favorite band, musician, celebrity or comedian you want to listen to, just like you would normally do with the YouTube page. Now press the search button on the right side of the YouTube search field.

Immediately after you have pressed the search button, you will see the results under the search field. Now find the song, comedy show or concert of your liking. Next to the small pictures in the search result the Music From YouTube program will display blue “Download mp3” buttons. Press this button to download the music, concert, speech or show you like. The download of the mp3 or M4A music file has now started. You can also see a message at the top of the Music From YouTube program stating a download has started.

You can follow the progress of the download by clicking on the tab button “Downloads” on the left side of Music From YouTube. You can see your download downloading to your computer by watching the green progress bar fill. Once it is finished downloading, the download will automatically disappear from the list.

The Music From YouTube program will automatically store all downloaded files in your “My Music” folder. You can open this folder by clicking on the yellow folder button at the top of the Music From YouTube program.

To download several songs, you can continue to search and click on the blue buttons until you have downloaded all the songs you like. You are now ready to tranfer the downloaded music files to your PSP!

How to put downloaded songs on PSP

To start transfering the songs you have just downloaded to your PSP, first connect your PSP to your computer via the USB-port. You need a USB-cable for this, which you can buy at an electronics store or on the internet.

Once you have plugged in your PSP, press the PSP home button (it’s a tiny button to the lower left of the screen). Use the left and right buttons to go to “settings”. Now use the up and down buttons to select “USB Connection”. After you have selected “USB Connection”, press the X button. The screen of your PSP should now say “USB Connection”. Your computer should now be telling you that a new USB device has been connected. When you go to “My Computer” (or just “Computer” in Windows 7) you will see a new removable drive in the list of drives.

Double click on this drive to open it. Now create a new folder on the drive and call it “psp”. You can create a new folder by clicking on “File” at the top-left of the window, then select “new” and then “folder”. After you have created the folder “psp”, double click on it to open the folder. Create a new folder within this folder named “music”. Now click on the Windows Start button at the bottom-left of the screen (just the windows logo in Windows 7) and click on “My Music” (or just “Music” in Windows 7).

This is where the songs you downloaded with Music From YouTube are stored. You can select the songs by holding the Ctrl key and then left clicking on each song you want to send to your PSP. When you are finished selecting, hold the Ctrl key and press the letter “c”. Now release the Ctrl key and click on the window where you created your folders, now hold Ctrl and press the letter “v” and then release Ctrl. You will notice the computer starts copying your music files to your PSP.

When the computer has finished copying, press the O button on the PSP and then unplug the USB cable. Now select the music area from the menu of your PSP, then choose “Memory Stick”. Press the X button and you see all the songs you just transferred to your PSP! Now you can play them and listen to them as much as you want!

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