Frequently Asked Questions

What are the supported files to convert?

We support the following files for conversion:


How will I know the converted file is ready for download?

Once the conversion process is done, you will receive a message that contains the link which you can click to download the file.

Are files safe to download

iConvert values its user’s privacy and ensures all files are safe and secure to download

  • The files you upload are automatically removed on our server after 10 downloads and after 24 hours.
  • You can erase the file immediately on our server after you download it.
  • We don’t have a backup for the files of our users.
  • We don’t track the files that our users upload.
  • You can download your file using a personalized URL that is unlike any other.
  • You are the sole owner of your source file and the converted file.

Why did my file conversion fail?

We convert files into different kinds of formats. There are many reasons why your file conversion failed including the following:

  • Your source file may be corrupted. This usually happens when the essential metadata doesn’t exist at the end of the file because of interruption during the recording process. It can be due to low storage or power outage. Basically, without metadata, your file is useless.
  • Your source file may be encrypted to the Digital Rights Management or DRM of the owner.
  • There are several codecs in the file format container that doesn’t work properly when converted.
  • The converter is unable to identify the source format.
  • If your URL looks like this (like  HYPERLINK "https://www.example.tld/test.php" https://www.example.tld/test.php), make sure you attach the direct link to the music/image/document file rather than the webpage URL. Right-click the link to the file in the website and copy the direct URL. Lastly, paste it on the converter.
  • The converter couldn’t access your download link. There are many reasons behind a troublesome download process and it includes copyright issues or you have to login first. To address the issue, try to download the source file straight to your computer. From there, upload the file to our converter.


Once I avail of your service, do you have a legal right to my file?

No we don’t. Every user files on our servers are immediately deleted after 24 hours. Users are also given options to delete it if they wanted and we don’t hold any legal right to it. All the files you upload and convert are still yours alone. 


I’m having trouble uploading a file, what is the issue behind it?

If you are having trouble uploading your file, it might be due to the following issues:

  • The size of your file might be too large. Remember that the size limit to convert and upload a file is 100 megabytes only. If you wanted to upload larger files, you can avail of our premium services.
  • The connection might be temporarily down. In order to successfully upload a file, you need to have a stable connection between your computer and our servers. You can try uploading your file later or change your network or computer.
  • Usually, when you upload large files, the proxy of your provider will block it which prevents successful upload.
  • There are times when the progress bar doesn’t move but the file is already uploaded and converted successfully. In case this happens, register for free so you can check your conversion history on the user dashboard.
  • It is usually faster to download compared to upload because there are technical limitations for the latter. Always remember that uploads take longer time to finish and there are cases where they can last for more than two hours.


Why can’t I access the converted file that I downloaded before?

The download link is only valid for 24 hours or 10 downloads. After that, you can’t access it anymore. 


Can I convert multi-volume archive files?

No, archive files need to be recovered back into a single volume.


Why can’t I convert my audio and video files?

Your file might be protected by DRM and it is impossible to convert them.


How do I ensure that I get the emails you send?

Email providers have developed a way to classify spam emails from important ones. You can guarantee that the emails we send at are not spam because we never write and send junk emails. However, there are still email providers who need to upgrade their system to make sure that users get the important emails that they are expecting.

In order to make sure that you receive our emails directly to your inbox, you have to put us in your whitelist. To do this, go to your email account and put us in your contacts, contact list, and whitelist. Now you’ll get all the emails we will send you.