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Free Avi Video Converter Online

AVI or Audio Video Interleave formatting is primarily preferred by users because of its universality and ease of use. It is commonly utilized for storing audio and video content and it can be read by various devices, operating systems or players. AVI formats don’t require conversions or specific programs and drivers for it to open and play. As long as the device can play digital video files, then the AVI will run and play in it.  

This is why most people want to convert or download YouTube to AVI formats. Despite being one of the first media formats, it has stood the test of time and is still being used today. Advancements in digital media have also discovered the limitations of the AVI such as being incompatible with video compression and unable to store bigger music files. But overall, it is still a great alternative when you want to have a media format that is easy to use and play. You can do a video conversion for free on our website. You can also convert a Youtube video to MP4, MP3 and download a video thanks to our video converter.

Why Avi Converter? 

Media files of any format need a compatible software program that will understand and read the details of the contents. When the right program is not available to open and play the media file, a message dialogue box will appear to notify users that the file cannot be played as presented. Options will be provided to enable users to select the program from a list of available software or allow the Internet to find a suitable program. Convert video for free no matter what is the file size.

This is when you can try to search for online converters or find tools to download and install tools to convert YouTube to AVI files. The main advantage of doing this is that you will have fewer worries that your file will not play or is not compatible with the available player in your gadget.

Most playable DVDs and media disks are created using AVI file format for easier storage of audio and video information. It is still the most popular and widely used format for short movies and advertisement because of its compression system. The quality kept excellent with AVI format and you can reuse this master file to create other formats with great quality. 

The universality of the AVI File

When using AVI formats, it eliminates the need for selecting a program since it is a generally accepted format for media files. Almost all operating systems can open it without the need for other software and without having to ride-on another program to play. 

It is the most common format chosen by users when they need a video file or music file from YouTube. There are online conversion sites to facilitate YouTube to AVI conversion, but uses needs to be cautious when using them as many have malware around the site. Others are also very risky because they include other programs and items in the converted file. 

Years after it was first used, the AVI format is still a widely used audio video file format for various purposes. It provides great quality video format for almost all situations and it can hold its own compared with other recent formats. This and all the other advantages are the reasons why most users go for YouTube to AVI format of conversion instead of any other type of formatting.