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How to Choose a Safe YouTube Mp4 Converter?

Whenever you need to convert a video from YouTube to mp4 format, you need to find a reliable converter that you can install on your computer. There is freeware available but extra precautions must be applied when sourcing them out. One cannot be too sure when downloading and installing free software from the web. You have to check out the reviews for unknown converters carefully. 

Most users’ top criteria for downloading software and installing it is safety. Your tools should not install any third-party applications without permission. There is risky software that does not require registration or any personal data. Antivirus programs sometimes do not flag these tools. 

Currently, conversion tools that can convert YouTube videos to mp4 format are hard to find and many of those available may not meet the safety standards. They have intrusive ads which can be unsafe for work PCs or for kids. There are also annoying pop-ups and animated banners that look like malware. Online converters sometimes have too many download buttons that users get confused which one to click. In some cases, converted files can also be saved in zipping and contain risky software when unzipped. Here are a few tips to help you choose a safe YouTube to mp4 if you plan to download youtube videos.

Download converters from official or reputable sites only

It is easy to find archives of free software and tools that you can use for converting files from one format to another. A youtube converter is easy and free to download from their official website as they are provided by the developer themselves. 

Avoid a youtube converter coming from an unknown developer and those that are usually found in free hosting services can be risky and cause potential problems in your computer. You may still try out a convert youtube software if you want but make sure that the site will not redirect you to other websites or ask for personal information from you.

Take advantage of Google searches to find popular download youtube sites. Some reputable sites test convert youtube videos freeware before putting it on their site for access to millions of users. On the other hand, these sites may also bundle the software with their toolbars to offer opt-in advertising. 

Read Freeware Reviews

Popular youtube video converters have a lot of user reviews from users and tech editors who have tried them out. Make sure to read these reviews first and learn to compare their pros and cons before using a video downloader and youtube video converter. There is an online magazine like PCWorld who provides descriptions and opinions about tools that you can use to convert files from youtube to other formats.  

Make Sure to Scan Downloaded Tools with Antivirus

If you decide to download and install a YouTube Converter and convert youtube videos, make sure to run your antivirus to check it. You can use your PC’s antivirus or run a web service to analyze files that you have downloaded. Your new tool is safe if there are no alerts during your scan. If you get one or more alerts, then the converter youtube tool you have download might be risky can cause problems if you will install it.

You may still find tools that need Java extension but nowadays, it is not very common anymore. If necessary, avoid tools that require you to get Java extensions because it can take a lot of your RAM and needs constant updates. 

Learning to be more observant and using the available resources can help you choose the best YouTube to MP4 converter online. Don’t forget to take these important steps so you can stay risk-free and protected even if you use freeware conversion tools. 

Why it is better to use an Online MP4 converter

There are several reasons, that an online MP4 converter is preferable to installed software. First off, there is no danger of infected software. Whenever you download an installer, you have to ensure that it is from a trusted site and that the site conducts its own anti-virus checking. Additionally, after you download the installer, you also have to check it with an anti-virus program.

Another reason you should consider an online MP4 conversion tool is because of the flexibility it affords the user. Most users who convert their own videos already have builtin conversion programs on their computers or bundled with their cameras. Alternatively, they can use a video editing program to convert the video to MP4. If the user does not have a camera, or they don't edit videos on a regular basis, then most probably they downloaded the video. Instead of downloading the video to convert on the computer, it is easier to convert with an online MP4 converter. An online MP4 converter can output the video in different formats. The user only has to choose the output format and the converter outputs accordingly.

The most common audio format is MP3, while those who prefer lossless audio choosing FLAC files. Video formats are usually in MP4 or AVI. These are flexible formats that support different video resolutions and aspect ratios. These formats also have a roadmap allowing for even larger video resolutions. Currently, standard definition videos are as low as 480 lines vertically, while HD-ready is at 720p and HD at 1080p resolution. The 4K format is even bigger, with 4 times the pixel count of 1080p. On the horizon is 8k video, which is again 4 times the pixel count of 4k video. To convert to these larger formats, a user would need to install the appropriate software capable of large resolution video.